FILTRON range of manufacture covers following process equipments and we offer them individually as well as either add-ons or for expansion of existing process plants

   Flow Equipments: S.S Flow Meter, hygienic S.S pumps of both centrifugal & positive displacement design, S. S. flow control valves and special fittings..
  Compact Heat exchangers.Gasketted plate heat exchanger.Welded  plate heat exchanger.
Corrugated tube heat exchanger.

   Centrifuges : Batch, Basket, Vertical or horizontal centrifuges, Disc Seperators, Decanters

   Evaporators & Dryers :Falling Film Evaporators, Forced circulation or Scraped surface. Spray Dryers, Centrifugal or nozzle atomisation, Single or multistage drying. 
  Homogenisers & Mixers : High pressure piston type, homogenisers and centrifugal shear mixers. 
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