The SIGMA Series
The SIGMA Gasketted Plate Heat Exchanger is made up of a designed number of corrugated heat transfer plates with gasket, which are used to channel the flow of the two fluids between alternative plates.

The plates are clamped between the Frame Plate and Pressure by means of the tie rods. The thin film fluid flow area and the turbulence created by SIGMA Corrugated Plates produce extremely high heat transfer coefficient resulting in the compact Heat Exchanger 1/3rd to 1/5th the size of equivalent Shell and Tube type.

A choice of different Plate configuration is available from our SIGMA series to suit the process application and /or duties.
The Range of plates corrugation enables different flow conditions for different fluids and the Plate Heat Exchanger canbe optimised for duty and cost by selecting the right plate forthe given duty conditions.


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