The SPIRATRON Series  
The SPIRATRON Series Corrugated Heat Exchanger is
basically shell and tube or tube in tube construction differing only in shell / tube geometry. The Shell and Tubes are corrugated to induce turbulence in the flows. The turbulence
created by SPIRATRON Corrugated Exchangers produce high
heat coefficient resulting in Compact Heat Exchanger half to
one third the size of equivalent Shell & tube types.

The corrugation can be  designed for the desired thermal duties. A number of SPIRATRON modules can be integrated together and mounted on a free standing structure. the SPIRATRO can be made in SS304, SS316 and other exotic materials.

The materials of Shell and Tubes can be mixed and matched for a specific products. The unique construction of SPIRATRON makes it an ideal heat exchanger for highly viscous fluids and / or fluids with suspended solids or fibres.
The typical products that can be handled are
  - Latex                         -  Paint
  - Varnish                      -  Industrial Oil
  - Glycol                        - Effluent
  - Veg Oil                      - Pulpy foods
  - Fermented Wash        - Sugar Cane Juice.

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