The THRONTHERM  is specially designed for heating / cooling of pasty, sticky. lumpy viscous products. The product to be heated or cooled is pumped onto on of the heat exchanger cylinder.

The rotor with specially designed blades prevents the product from adhering to the walls of the cylinder by continuous scrapping. Agitation of the product also induces turbulence thereby achieving higher heat transfer.
The Heating / Cooling medium flows in the jacket. The cylinder  is generally in Stainless steel for hygienic applications where and CIP is possible. The versatile design of THRONTHER allows optimum residence times to suit the process requirements by just changing the rotor speed / rotor diameter.

The Application of the THRONTHERM area include :
  - Tomato Paste               -  Silicones
  - Ice Cream Mixes           -  Synthetic resin
  - Sugar Concentrates       -  Synthetic rubber
  - Fruits & Veg Purees      -  Petrochemicals
  - Jams and Jellies            -  Pesticides / Intermediates
  - Herbal Extracts

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