The WELDATRON are the most versatile prime surface heat
transfer product available and come in large combination of materials, shapes and styles.They are either single or double embossed, flat or curved, as single coils or manifolded into banks to meet virtually any process requirements. Immersion coils or external clamp-on are available as well as jacket section for building into external tanks.

WELDATRON finds its application in:

- Steam Heating tanks/ reactors
- Heating Tar /oils.
- Heating/Cooling fluids in large tanks/ vessels
- Fluidised bed dryers/coolers and heaters.
- Quench oil coolers.
- Falling Film chillers/evaporators.
- Condensed gas economisers
- Electroplating and Paint Industry

The Unique features of WELDATROn are:
  - Die formed design eliminates all disadvantages associate with hydraulically inflated coils like low structural strength, non
uniform corrugation, stressed welds, difficulty in manufacture of single embossed versions.

- WELDATRON provide higher burst pressures of any units
available with same material, thickness and weld spacing.
- Tightly controlled uniform corrugation of WELDATRON ensures optimum design heat transfer efficiency and pressure drops.
- Versatility to design and manufacture to suit a wide variety of special applications.
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